Transportation Funding Bill Includes Prevailing Wage Measure 
The General Assembly has passed, and the governor has signed a major transportation funding bill which includes some reform to the state’s 50-year old Prevailing Wage Act.

Language included in the $2.4 billion state transportation funding bill will allow local municipalities to save money on bridge or highway projects under $100,000.  The measure, modeled after Rep. David Millard’s House Bill 796, would increase the prevailing wage threshold from $25,000 to $100,000. 

“This new threshold is more workable for townships and boroughs to stretch their dollars and address the increase in cost for highway building materials,” said Millard (R-Columbia County).

While facing strong opposition, supporters of prevailing wage reform, including Speaker Sam Smith, insisted the change be part of any highway funding legislation.   Smith, of Jefferson County, said the reform “will allow for better local management and control of project costs.”

An Overview of the Prevailing Wage Problem in Pennsylvania
House Hangout3: Saving Local Tax Dollars through Prevailing Wage Reform
A Note to Municipal Officials all across Pennsylvania 

You work hard to stretch limited tax dollars to meet the needs of your municipality.   Finding money to repair or replace infrastructure is especially difficult. Many Pennsylvania House Republicans would like to help stretch your municipal dollars even further by reforming a costly mandate.

We want to overhaul prevailing wage requirements which add millions of dollars of costs to municipal construction and maintenance projects.   The $25,000 threshold for prevailing wage is severely outdated.   Municipalities need relief and clarity in regard to the impact of these requirements on maintenance projects.

In the last several years, the State House has come progressively closer to the 102 votes necessary to modernize prevailing wage laws.  

To reach the goal line, we need your help in two ways:

1. Hundreds of municipalities have passed resolutions in support of prevailing wage reforms.  We want to add your municipality to that list.  A sample resolution can be found here.

2. Tell us your prevailing wage story!   Click here to tell us how your municipality or school district has been hurt by prevailing wage.  

Help us to help you reduce costs and paperwork in municipal construction and maintenance.   Please pass a resolution in support of prevailing wage reform at your next meeting and share your specific story.

Thank you, in advance, for your support.

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