School Board Resolution Sample

(Resolution text offered courtesy of the PSBA)

OF THE_______________________________ SCHOOL DISTRICT

WHEREAS, in these challenging economic times, the Prevailing Wage Act places a costly mandate on our school districts and diverts valuable resources from our classrooms; and

WHEREAS, school districts must pay state-mandated prevailing wage rates for workers on every construction or renovation project in which estimates exceed $25,000, a number that has not been adjusted for 50 years; and 
WHEREAS, these prevailing wage rates  are not reflective of the actual wage rates in the local community, and have actually been shown, in numerous studies, to inflate the cost of construction projects by at least 10%, siphoning millions of taxpayer dollars from the classroom each year; and 

WHEREAS,  as Pennsylvania school districts spent over $7 billion on reimbursable school construction and renovation projects bid over the last decade, if school districts were to save 10% of the construction costs on these projects, it would have saved Pennsylvania taxpayers over $700 million on these projects alone; and

WHEREAS, the ___________________ School District spent $______________ on a project to ____(briefly describe the construction or renovation project)___  and the district estimates it would have saved approximately (either dollar amount or percentage of the total project cost) if prevailing wage requirements had not been mandated.

WHEREAS, as our school districts are facing reductions in education funding, declining local revenues, and increasing pension and special education costs, costly mandates such as prevailing wage limit a district’s ability to direct these limited resources to our classrooms where they are needed most; and

WHEREAS, to ensure that we are giving our students the education they deserve, school districts and local taxpayers need relief from these mandates that  provide no educational value to students and do nothing to promote increases in student achievement; and

WHEREAS, the _____________________ School District supports legislation that would increase the threshold at which school districts must pay prevailing wage on construction and renovation projects, with the threshold more properly aligned with current costs; such legislation also should include an inflation adjustment to the threshold number, thus providing a good first step in relieving the burden of this mandate;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the _________________ School District
will encourage its board of directors, and others, including parents, students and district taxpayers, to urge the Pennsylvania General Assembly to continue to take measures to further alleviate the burden the Prevailing Wage Act has on school districts.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution be posted on the district’s website and submitted to the elected state senators and representatives of the ________________________  School District in the General Assembly, to the Governor of Pennsylvania, and to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Adopted this __________ day of ____________, 2013.
Signed,      Attest:
School Board President
School Board Secretary    (seal)